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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
1000 Friends of Floridaorg1000 Friends of Florida1014705Nonprofit organization promoting responsible planning and land use through education, advocacy, negotiation and litigation. Mission: to protect and improve quality of life by advocating responsible planning for population growth.
2004 SWFWMD Land Use/Cover Classifications2004doc_html0Southwest Florida Water Management District10177642004 land use/cover features categorized according to the Florida Land Use and Cover Classification System (FLUCCS). The features were photointerpreted at 1:12,000 using 2004 1-meter color infrared (CIR) digital aerial photographs.
A Time for Leadership: Growth Management and Florida 20602006doc_pdf748.41000 Friends of Florida1019258This report is the result of a review of Florida land development and preservation planning to identify several critical opportunities and challenges facing the state. It shows that the state of Florida sits at the "tipping point" in regard to land consumption for urban development.A-Time-for-Leadership-1000FofF.pdf8Sarasota
Age of Development and Landscape Development Intensity Index2006doc_pdf4812Sarasota County Environmental Services1007191Age of Development and Landscape Development Intensity Index By Jon PerryJPerry%20Land%20Development%20Intensity%20Index.pdf8Sarasota
Aquifer Storage and Recovery Geochemical Studiesdoc_html0Florida Geological Survey1018492Discussion of the geochemistry of Aquifer Storage and Recover (ASR), a potential solution to drinking water shortages in Florida. During recharge and storage, a potential exists for water-rock geochemical reactions to occur, resulting in soluble metals contaminating the water.
Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting (CCCL)doc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1010637Site provides voluminous information pertaining to guidelines for design elevations. Includes permits & One Hundred-Year Storm Elevation Requirements.
Conservation: An Investment That Pays2010doc_pdf2839.8Trust for Public Land1018683This report makes the case for conservation as a long-term economic investment. It refutes the argument that creating parks and conserving land is too expensive, especially in hard economic times, and cites research and examples that creating and maintaining parks and open space produces economic benefits as well as health, environmental, and aesthetic ones.benefits_econbenefits_rpt_7_2009.pdf8Sarasota
Environmental & Land Use Law Section of the Florida BarorgEnvironmental & Land Use Law Section of the Florida Bar1006963The Section serves the interests of its members, affiliates and the public through educational programs and publications, including seminars, courses, a newsletter, articles, and brochures on environment and land use law topics.
Environmental Resource Analysis (ERA) Onlinedoc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1015258Internet mapping and database about environmental resource permitting. Includes jurisdictional boundaries, information for permit application, effects on Coastal Construction Control Line, surface waters, fish & wildlife resources, habitats, and mitigation & restoration opportunities.
Florida 2060: A Population Distribution Scenario for the State of Florida2006doc_pdf737.11000 Friends of Florida1019257Between 2006 and 2060 the State’s population is projected to more than double and consequently, without shifts in our policies, the additional land devoted to urban use will also more than double. To explore the physical reality of this trend 1000 Friends of Florida contracted with researchers at the University of Florida’s GeoPlan Center to demonstrate what land use in the State might look like in 2060. This is the resulting report.Florida-2060-Report-Final_1000FofF.pdf8Sarasota