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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
Charlotte County Environmental Parks & Preservesdoc_html0Charlotte County Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department1007138Location map, links to pages with descriptions of five preserves and six environmental parks.
Charlotte County Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources DepartmentorgCharlotte County Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department1007361This Department manages Charlotte County's parks, recreation facilities, cultural events and programs.
Derelict Vessel Removal Grant Programdoc_html0Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission1007548The Derelict Vessel Removal Grant Program provides grants to coastal local governments for the removal of derelict vessels from Florida waters. The program was established by Florida Statute 376.15. Rules governing the program are in the Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 68D-16.029.
Diving in Floridadoc_html0Florida Marine Guide1010812Guide to scuba locations, resources, safety & regulations.
Estimating Land and Water-side Service Areas and Use Potential for Boat Ramps2005casestudy0Florida Sea Grant1846Subtitle, A Case Study of Tampa and Sarasota Bays. This study aimed at developing a spatial model to delineate and map, within a geographic information system land and waterside service areas and to assess use potential for saltwater boat ramps in the Tampa and Sarasota Bay boating region.
Fishing Sites and Forecasts - Southwest Floridadoc_html0Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission1006650This website provides quarterly forecasts for major fishing areas and general descriptions of a wide variety of fishing sites listed by county.
Florida Bicycle Trails: A Guide to Florida's Top Paved and Off-Road Trails2007doc_html0Visit Florida5558A brochure collaborated with DEP and Visit Florida describing the many bike trails throughout Florida that allow the visitors to see unique wildlife, breathtaking vistas and views, lush natural areas and quaint downtowns and small towns.
Florida Canoeingdoc_html0Florida Marine Guide1015905A guide to water trails, canoeing safety, outfitters and outposts, and canoeing equipment.
Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Traildoc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1018447This trail encompasses the entire state and traverses 20 national parks, seashores, wildlife refuges and marine sanctuaries, 37 Florida aquatic preserves and 47 Florida state parks. Segment guides, photos and maps can be downloaded from this website.
Florida Fishing Capital of the Worlddoc_html0State of Florida1868