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Sarasota Environmental Aquatics Team - Seagrass Survey Program

The Sarasota Environmental Aquatics (SEA) Team is a group of Sarasota County volunteers whose work has made positive impacts on our bays. Whether they are seeding scallops or surveying seagrass, this team of energetic volunteers provides scientists with valuable information.Seagrass survey volunteers boat or kayak Sarasota’s bays and document the types of seagrass they see. Seagrass is vital to maintaining healthy aquatic ecosystems, stabilizing shorelines and providing food and shelter for a variety of wildlife, including scallops, manatees and sea turtles. The information gathered by seagrass survey volunteers allows scientists to better understand and manage these important ecosystems. Many volunteers find surveying seagrass fun, easy and rewarding.

Requirements: Attend a two-hour training session and be available a few days during the months of February or August. Note: Volunteers should have their own GPS, boat or kayak, but when possible, those who do not will be paired with those who do.

Eating Sea Urchins (Uni)

by Administrator Tuesday, 07 December 2010 11:06 AM

While the thought of eating sea urchin roe (uni (うに)) might not appeal to most, fresh uni from Hokkaidō's seas is reminiscent of homemade butter. Best-served on a bowl of rice, sea urchin roe is light, creamy and slightly nutty in taste.






Check out the YouTube clip: Talk about a very unusual birthday gift! 


John preparing uni sea urchin