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Metadata Summary: Mote Marine Laboratory Manatee Aerial Surveys

Dataset Type: GIS/Spatial Data
Name of Data Source: Mote Marine Laboratory Manatee Aerial Surveys
Number of Water Resources Sampled: Unknown
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): MOTE_MANATEES
Description of Datasource: Aerial surveys are used for acquiring information on manatee distribution. These surveys are typically conducted in nearshore waters around the state. Flights are usually 4-6 hours long, and are most commonly flown every two weeks for two years. Most surveys are done from small, four-seat, high-winged airplanes (Cessna 172 or 182) flying at a height of 150 m (500 ft) at a speed of 130 km/hr (80 mph). The flights are designed to maximize the manatee counts by concentrating on shallow nearshore waters where manatees and their primary food source, seagrasses, are located. Flight paths curve along parallel to the shoreline, and the airplane circles when manatees are spotted until a count of the number of animals in each group is obtained. Deeper waters are usually not surveyed. All aerial data are recorded on photocopies of navigation charts and entered into a Geographic Information System (GIS) for spatial analysis.
Method of Transferring Data to the Atlas: Manual transfer via CD
How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: Unknown
Data Current on Atlas as of: Not Available

Disclaimer/Use Constraints: Not Available

Custodian Information:
Mote Marine Laboratory
Center for Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Research
Manatee Research Program

Contact Name: Kerri Scolardi
Contact Phone: (941) 388-4441
Contact E-mail:
Contact URL:
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