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Water Resources in the Sarasota Bay Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type S-T-R
17th Street Park Central Pond Pond DP3-34 Lake 14-36-18
17th Street Park North Pond Pond DP3-35 Lake 14-36-18
17th Street Pond CDP3-20   Lake 17-36-18
19th Street Pond Pond CDP3-15 Lake 35-27-18
23rd Street Pond   Lake 17-36-18
Ab Smith Park South Pond   Lake 20-36-18
Ackerman Lake Pond L6-45, Ackerman Park Lake Lake 19-36-19
Alligator Pond   Lake 19-36-19
Arlington Park Pond Pond CL56-4, Arlington Park Lake Lake 29-36-18
Ashton Midland Southwest Pond   Lake 9-37-18
Austin Street Pond Pond DP10-3 Lake 9-37-18
Bahia Vista Mcintosh Northeast Pond Pond DP4-21 Lake 27-36-18
Bahia Vista Mcintosh Northeast Pond DP4-20 Pond DP4-20 Lake 27-36-18
Bayfront Park Center Pond Pond CDP4-21 Lake 19-36-18
Bayfront Park Northwest Pond Pond CDP4-20 Lake 19-36-18
Bayfront Park SE Pond   Lake 19-36-18
Bayou Louise   Bay N/A¹
Bayshore, Lake   Lake 3-35-17
Bee Ridge Brookside Southwest Pond Pond DP10-4 Lake 5-37-18
Bee Ridge Farms Pond   Lake 2-37-18
Bee Ridge Farms Pond P10-174   Lake 2-37-18
Beneva Fruitville Pond CDP3-24   Lake 22-36-18
Beneva Road Pond CDP3-23 Pond CDP3-23 Lake 16-36-18
Beneva Woods Pond Pond L10-19 Lake 10-37-18
Bermuda Brook Pond L4-2, Bermuda Brook Canal South River 35-27-18
Bermuda Brook Canal North   River N/A¹
Big Glenn Lake   Lake 9-35-17
Big Pass   Bay N/A¹
Bikini Way Pond Pond L12-21, Lake Mauna Loa Lake 6-37-19
Blossom Brook Canal   River N/A¹
Bougainvillea Street Pond   Lake 33-36-18
Bowlees Creek   River N/A¹
Brushy Bayou   Bay N/A¹
Campbell Street Pond Pond DP10-5 Lake 35-27-18
Canal 4-53   River N/A¹
Canal 5,6-126   River N/A¹
Cattleridge Boulevard Pond   Lake 36-36-18
Cattleridge Boulevard Pond   Lake 36-36-18
Cedar Hammock Creek   River N/A¹
Cedar Lake   Lake 11-37-17
Celery Fields Regional Stormwater Facility Pond P6-11 Lake 30-36-19
Center Point Pond DP10-8 Pond DP10-8 Lake 35-27-18
Clark Lake East Pond L10-8 Lake 10-37-18
Clark Lake West   Lake 9-37-18
Colonial Oaks Park Central Pond Pond DP4-28 Lake 35-27-18
Colonial Oaks Park East Pond Pond DP4-27 Lake 36-36-18
Colonial Oaks Park West Pond Pond DP4-29 Lake 35-27-18
Cooper Creek   River N/A¹
Cormorant Pond   Lake 15-37-18
Cow Pen Slough   River N/A¹
Crane, Lake Pond L4-10 Lake 34-36-18
Crown Lake Pond L3-11 Lake 4-36-18
Desoto Lakes Pond L3-12 Lake 3-36-18
Eagle Lake   Lake 11-35-17
Ed Smith Stadium Southeast Pond Pond CDP3-19 Lake 35-27-18
Egret Pond   Lake 15-37-18
Elmer Street Pond Pond DP10-9 Lake 35-27-18
Flamingo, Lake Pond L4-23 Lake 34-36-18
Fragomeni Pond   Lake 10-37-18
Georgetowne Pond P3-228   Lake 14-36-18
Gillespie Park Lake Gillespie Park Pond CL32-3 Lake 19-36-18
Grand Canal   River N/A¹
Gsa Pond Pond DP3-27 Lake 14-36-18
Guill Lake Pond L10-14 Lake 10-37-18
Gulf of Mexico   Gulf N/A
Gull, Lake Pond L4-19 Lake 34-36-18
Hansen Bayou   Bay N/A¹
Hatton Shade Northwest Pond Pond CDP3-29 Lake 35-27-18
Hatton Street Pond Pond CDP3-30 Lake 35-27-18
Heather Lake   Lake 35-27-18
Hidden Lake Sand Lake Lake 5-36-17
Hog Creek   River N/A¹
Hrs Building Mitigation Pond Pond CDP3-25 Lake 35-27-18
Hrs Pond   Lake 18-36-18
Hudson Bayou   River N/A¹
Hudson Canal 4-51   River N/A¹
Hudson Canal 4-56   River N/A¹
Industrial Boulevard Pond Pond DP3-1 Lake 5-36-18
Island Habitat Lake   Lake 22-36-17
Kiwa, Lake   Lake 5-37-19
Lake Area "a"   Lake 35-27-18
Lake Ibis   Lake 34-36-18
Lake Kemwal   Lake 36-36-18
Lake Mallard   Lake 34-36-18
Lake Nancy   Lake 1-37-17
Lake Norma   Lake 1-37-17
Lake Rittwood   Lake 11-37-17
Lake Teal   Lake 34-36-18
Lake Uplands   Lake 2-36-17
Lake Wildlife   Lake 6-37-18
Lanai, Lake Pond L12-25 Lake 6-37-19
Lime Lake Pond L3-7 Lake 17-36-18
Lockwood 47th East Pond Pond DP3-5 Lake 4-36-18
Lockwood Desoto Northeast Pond Pond DP3-7 Lake 4-36-18
Lockwood Ridge Pond   Lake 4-36-18
Lockwood Ridge Pond DP3-4   Lake 9-36-18
Longwood Run Park Pond   Lake 6-36-18
Lower Tampa Bay   Bay N/A¹
Malokai, Lake Pond L12-26 Lake 6-37-19
Manor Lake   Lake 16-36-18
Marae, Lake Pond P12-6 Lake 5-37-19
Mcintosh Lane Pond Pond DP4-19 Lake 35-36-18
Mcintosh Road Pond DP4-22 Pond DP4-22 Lake 27-36-18
Meadows Pond P3-182   Lake 11-36-18
Mirror Lake Pond L10-32 Lake 15-37-18
Mystic Lake Pond L4-33 Lake 34-36-18
Nancy Street Pond Pond CDP4-12 Lake 35-27-18
Nettie Bayou   Bay N/A¹
North Water Tower Park   Lake 35-27-18
Oakton Court Pond   Lake 1-37-18
Orange 10th Southwest Pond Pond CDP3-8 Lake 35-27-18
Orange 12th Southwest Pond Pond CDP3-7 Lake 18-36-18
Palm Lake   Lake 13-35-17
Palm Lake Pond CL26-2 Lake 16-36-18
Palma Sola Bay   Bay N/A¹
Palma Sola Creek   River N/A¹
Palmer Farms Pond P6-215   Lake 34-36-19
Pansy Bayou   Bay N/A¹
Patton Street Pond Pond DP3-2 Lake 35-27-18
Payne Park Pond Payne Park Pond CDP3-27 Lake 20-36-18
Pelican, Lake Pond L4-35 Lake 34-36-18
Petty Canal   River N/A¹
Phillippi Canal 10-115   River N/A¹
Phillippi Canal 12-227   River N/A¹
Phillippi Canal 3-16   River N/A¹
Phillippi Canal 4,6-118   River N/A¹
Phillippi Canal 4-115   River N/A¹
Phillippi Canal 6-132   River N/A¹
Phillippi Canal 6-143   River N/A¹
Phillippi Creek   River N/A¹
Phillippi Creek Branch BB Canal   River N/A¹
Phillippi Creek Lateral BB   River N/A¹
Phillippi Creek Lateral BBA Phillippi Canal 3-39 River N/A¹
Phillippi Creek Main A   River N/A¹
Phillippi Creek Main B   River N/A¹
Phillippi Creek Main C   River N/A¹
Phillippi Shores Park Pond Phillippi Shores Park Lake Lake 7-37-18
Pinecraft Park Pond Pond DP4-18 Lake 35-27-18
Pinecraft Park South Pond   Lake 28-36-18
Pinkney Complex Pond Pond DP10-18 Lake 10-37-18
Pompano Avenue Pond   Lake 16-36-18
Proctor Honore Southeast Pond   Lake 12-37-18
Proctor Nursery Pond   Lake 3-37-18
Proctor Road Pond DP10-24 Pond DP10-24 Lake 35-27-18
Pruit Lake   Lake 9-36-18
Racimo Pond 1 Pond L5-37, Racimo #1 Lake Lake 17-36-19
Racimo Pond 2 Pond L5-38, Racimo #2 Lake Lake 17-36-19
Racimo Pond 3 Pond L5-39, Racimo #3 Lake Lake 17-36-19
Racimo Pond 4 Pond L5-40, Racimo #4 Lake Lake 17-36-19
Ravenwood Pond #2 Pond L3-42 Lake 3-36-18
Ravenwood Pond 1 Pond L3-41, Ravenwood #1 Lake Lake 3-36-18
Red Bug Slough   River 9-37-18
Ridge, Lake Pond L3-27 Lake 16-36-18
River Forest Pond Pond L10-44, River Forest Lake 8-37-18
Roberts Bay Sarasota   Bay N/A¹
Rustys Pond Pond DP3-3 Lake 35-27-18
Sara Lake   Lake 28-36-18
Sarasota Bay   Bay N/A¹
Sarasota, Lake Pond L12-28 Lake 5-37-19
Sawyer Proctor Northwest Pond North   Lake 3-37-18
Sawyer Proctor Northwest Pond South Pond DP10-30 Lake 35-27-18
Sawyer Proctor Southwest Pond   Lake 10-37-18
Sawyer Road Pond Dp10-8   Lake 10-37-18
Searcy Avenue North Pond Pond CDP4-13 Lake 28-36-18
Searcy Avenue South Pond Pond CDP4-14 Lake 28-36-18
Seclusion, Lake Pond L4-34 Lake 35-27-18
Shadow Oaks Pond 1 Pond L6-46, Shadow Oaks #1 Lake Lake 31-36-19
Shadow Oaks Pond 2 Pond L6-47 Lake 32-36-19
Shadow Oaks Pond 3 Pond L6-48, Shadow Oaks #3 Lake Lake 30-36-19
Siesta Public Beach Pond   Lake 35-27-18
Sinclair Rd Pond P6-226   Lake 23-36-19
Soccer Field Park Pond DP3-36   Lake 14-36-18
South Coconut Bayou   Bay N/A¹
Spainwood Drive Pond Pond DP4-100 Lake 36-36-18
Tahiti Lake Pond CL21-1, Tahiti Lake Lake 35-27-18
Tamaron Pond 1 Pond L4-54, Tamaron #1 Lake Lake 27-36-18
Tamaron Pond 2 Pond L4-53, Tamaron #2 Lake Lake 27-36-18
Tamaron Pond 3 Pond L4-55, Tamaron #3 Lake Lake 27-36-18
Tamaron Pond 4 Pond L4-56, Tamaron #4 Lake Lake 27-36-18
Tamaron Pond 5 Pond L4-57, Tamaron #5 Lake Lake 27-36-18
Tern Lake Pond L4-21 Lake 34-36-18
Thomas, Lake Pond L10-18 Lake 3-37-18
Tuttle Valencia Pond Pond DP4-2 Lake 35-27-18
Tuttles Puddle   Lake 24-36-17
Twin Lakes #1 Lake Pond L12-1 Lake 18-37-19
Twin Lakes Park Pond 2 Pond L12-2, Twin Lakes #2 Lake Lake 18-37-19
Twin Lakes Pond 3 Pond L12-3, Twin Lakes #3 Lake Lake 18-37-19
University Desoto East Pond Pond CDP3-9 Lake 6-36-18
University Parkway Pond DP3-14 Pond DP3-14 Lake 6-36-18
University Sarasota East Pond   Lake 6-36-18
Walker Creek Whitaker Canal 3-1 River N/A¹
Whitaker Bayou   River N/A¹
Whitaker Canal 3-5   River N/A¹
Whitaker Canal 3-7   River N/A¹
Wilkinson Honore Pond   Lake 2-37-18
Woodward Place Pond   Lake 3-37-18
Youth Athletic Complex Park Pond   Lake 16-36-18
Zacchini 15th Northeast Pond Pond CDP3-26 Lake 17-36-18
Zito Court Pond   Lake 5-37-18
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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