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Metadata Summary: Environmental Protection Agency Lake Regions

Dataset Type: GIS/Spatial Data
Name of Data Source: Environmental Protection Agency Lake Regions
Number of Water Resources Sampled: Unknown
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): EPA_LKREGIONS
Description of Datasource: The Florida lake regions program is an attempt to manage water resources more effectively by viewing them within a regional framework that reflects differences in their quality, quantity, hydrology, and their sensitivity or resilience to ecological disturbances. The program is intended to provide a framework for assessing lake characteristics, calibrating predictive models, guiding lake management, and framing expectations by lake users and lakeshore residents.
Method of Transferring Data to the Atlas: Manual transfer via HTTP
How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: None Planned
Data Current on Atlas as of: 8/1/1996

Disclaimer/Use Constraints: None

Custodian Information:
Environmental Protection Agency
Western Ecology Division
National Health and Ecological Effects Reasearch Lab

Contact Name: Susan Elizabeth George
Contact Phone: 850-934-9279
Contact E-mail:
Contact URL:
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