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Water Resources in the Little Sarasota Bay Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type S-T-R
Ashton Lakes Pond L10-1, Ashton Lake Pond 09-37-18
Bay Street Pond DP16-1 Osprey Pond DP16-1 Pond 03-38-18
Bernice Private, Lake Pond P10-52 Pond 16-37-18
Bird Lake Pond L17-217A Pond 24-38-18
Blackburn Bay   Bay N/A¹
Blind Pass   Bay N/A¹
Burney Road North Pond Pond DP16-3 Pond 10-38-18
Burney Road Pond Pond DP16-2 Pond 10-38-18
Canal 11-190   River N/A¹
Catfish Creek   River N/A¹
Catfish Regional Stormwater Facility Pond Pond P10-148 Pond 14-37-18
Clower Creek   River N/A¹
Crocker's Lake   Lake 27-37-18
Da Vinci, Lake Pond L17-271B Pond 23-38-18
Deer Creek Pond P11-106   Lake 26-37-18
Dryman Bay   Bay N/A¹
Elligraw Bayou   River N/A¹
Everett Barney Lagoon   Lake 28-37-18
Gulf Gate Pond 1 Pond L11-15 Pond 21-37-18
Gulf Gate Pond 2 Pond L11-16, Gulf Gate #2 Pond 21-37-18
Gypsy Street Pond Pond DP10-27 Pond 10-37-18
Heron Lagoon   Lake 19-37-18
Holiday Bayou Canal   River N/A¹
I75 Pond P18-4   Lake 06-38-19
Irene, Lake Pond L10-45 Pond 16-37-18
Lake Frances   Lake 23-38-18
Lake Osprey   Lake N/A
Little Sarasota Bay   Bay N/A¹
Matheny Creek   River N/A¹
North Creek   River N/A¹
Pine Lake   Lake 16-37-18
Pond DP10-52   Pond 16-37-18
Pond DP10-74   Pond 20-37-18
Pond DP11-7   Pond 21-37-18
Pond DP11-9   Pond 21-37-18
Pond L11-17   Pond 21-37-18
Pond L11-18   Pond 21-37-18
Pond P11-152   Lake 26-37-18
Roberts Bay Sarasota   Bay N/A¹
Rubens, Lake Pond L17-272 Pond 24-38-18
Sabal Lake   Lake 19-37-18
Scherer, Lake Pond P16-82 Lake 11-38-18
Shadow Lake Pond L10-21 Pond 16-37-18
Sorrento East Southeast Pond Pond L17-24 Pond 24-38-18
Sorrento Utility Pond Pond L17-27 Pond 24-38-18
Sorrento, Lake Pond L17-271 Pond 23-38-18
South Creek   River N/A¹
Villagewalk Pond P11-231   Lake 25-37-18
Wright Lake Pond L10-64 Pond 16-37-18
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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