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Water Resources in the Manatee River Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type S-T-R
Beacon Lake   Lake 26-34-18
Boggy Creek   River N/A¹
Braden River   River N/A¹
Cedar Creek   River N/A¹
Cedar Hammock Creek   River N/A¹
Center Lake   Lake 20-35-18
Clearwater Lake   Lake 25-34-21
Colony Lake   Lake 3-34-18
Cooper Creek   River N/A¹
Corbit Branch   River N/A¹
Craig Branch   River N/A¹
Crawford Lake   Lake 14-34-19
Cypress Strand   River N/A¹
Desoto Honore Northwest Pond Pond DP3-31 Lake 35-27-18
Fisher Branch   River N/A¹
Fort Crawford Creek   River N/A¹
Gamble Creek   River N/A¹
Gap Creek   River N/A¹
Gates Creek   River N/A¹
Gilley Creek   River N/A¹
Glenn Creek   River N/A¹
Goddard Creek   River N/A¹
Gum Swamp   Lake 10-35-21
Harvey Prong   River N/A¹
Heron Lake   Lake 20-35-19
Hickory Hammock Creek   River N/A¹
Honore 59th Northeast Pond Pond DP3-32 Lake 35-27-18
Honore Avenue Pond   Lake 2-36-18
Honore Avenue Pond DP3-30   Lake 2-36-18
Horseshoe Lake   Lake 14-34-19
Lake A   Lake 29-34-19
Lake B   Lake 29-34-19
Lake C   Lake 29-34-19
Lake D   Lake 29-34-19
Laurel Lake   Lake 3-34-18
Little Deep Branch   River N/A¹
Little Fort Crawford Creek   River N/A¹
Little Sawgrass, Lake   Lake 15-33-19
Long Lake   Lake 3-34-18
Lower Manatee River   River N/A¹
Manatee River - East Fork   River N/A¹
Manatee River - North Fork   River N/A¹
Manatee River Estuary   Bay N/A¹
Manatee, Lake   Lake 29-34-20
Mclewis Bayou   River N/A¹
Mcmullen Creek   River N/A¹
Mill Creek   River N/A¹
Montego Bay   Lake 3-34-18
Nathan Benderson Park Lake Cooper Creek Lake, Pond L3-24 South Lake 35-27-18
Nonsense Creek   River N/A¹
North Lake   Lake 3-34-18
Osprey, Lake Pond P5-2 Lake 6-36-19
Parrish, Lake   Lake 9-33-20
Peacock Branch   River N/A¹
Pleasant Lake   Lake 11-35-18
Poley Branch   River N/A¹
Rattlesnake Slough   River N/A¹
Rye Branch   River N/A¹
Sand Branch   River N/A¹
Sand Prairie   Lake 23-33-19
Slaughter Drain   River N/A¹
Sugarhouse Creek   River N/A¹
Summerfield Lake   Lake 21-35-19
Sunrise Lake   Lake 2-34-18
Sunset Lake   Lake 3-34-18
Terra Ceia Bay   Bay N/A¹
Tyre Creek   River N/A¹
Uihlein, Lake   Lake 32-35-19
Upper Manatee River   River N/A¹
Ward Lake Bill Evers Reservoir, Lake Evers Lake 22-35-18
Wares Creek   River N/A¹
Warner East Bayou   Lake 20-34-17
Warner West Bayou   Lake 20-34-17
Water Hole Creek   River N/A¹
Webb Branch   River N/A¹
Williams Creek   River N/A¹
Wilson Pond   Lake 14-34-19
Wolf Slough   River N/A¹
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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