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What does this mean?

This section provides more detailed information about the physiographic, hydrologic and geological classification of the region the watershed is in. Surface water features vary widely throughout the state and are described here by Lake Regions—a classification system of 47 lake region types rooted in physical geography, soils, hydrology, biology, and chemistry. Such information is useful for water resource managers to more effectively manage water resources. By using data in the context of these regional characteristics, management plans can be developed for groups of lakes based on their regional constraints.

Lake Regions of Florida

How are the data collected? (Methods)

Refer to this Florida LakeWATCH document for a summary, and to Florida Lake Regions (Griffith et al., 1997) for a complete description of lake regions.


Lake region assignment is based on geographic location (see map).

Caveats and Limitations

Although described by thorough study, lake region descriptions may be subject to change in the future.