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Biologists Ask Public To Report Spawning Horseshoe Crabs

This spring, biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute need help from the public to identify horseshoe crab spawning beaches throughout the state.

The best time to find spawning horseshoe crabs is around high tide, just before, during or after a full moon. The full moon conditions around March 30 and April 28 will create good conditions for viewing the spawning behavior of horseshoe crabs.

The FWC asks beachgoers to report the number of horseshoe crabs they see and whether the horseshoe crabs are mating. Mating crabs "pair up," with the smaller male on top of the larger female. Other male crabs may be present around the couple. Biologists also want to know the date, time, location, habitat type and environmental conditions, such as tides and moon phase. If possible, specify roughly how many are coupled and how many are juveniles (4 inches wide or smaller).

Additional Contact Information

Report sightings of horseshoe crabs to any of these:

(866) 252-9326