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Oil Spill a Hot Topic at Ocean Pollution Conference April 13-14 in Sarasota

This innovative program will identify the needs and gaps among the various forms of pollution that affect our oceans and coasts. It will feature a half-day session devoted to oil spill technology. Attendees will help to develop an ocean pollution scorecard that highlights the top technology gaps in each topic presented. The workshop will focus on bridging the gap between technology and policy and management, and will include cutting-edge tool demonstrations. Topics for the workshop include Florida Coastal Ecology, Water Quality, Storm Water Run-off Policy, Report Card on Reduced Coastal and Ocean Pollution, Marine Debris, among others.

The innovative two-day Ocean Pollution program will:

  • Examine oil spill technology
  • Address policy & management
  • Identify technology gaps in mitigation & detection
  • Offer valuable networking opportunities for lasting connections
The conference will take place at the Lido Beach Resort.