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Sarasota County Encourages Proper Use of Fertilizer for Spring Greening

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Sarasota County officials are encouraging property owners to follow the rules when it comes to using fertilizer to spruce up their landscapes this spring.

Sarasota County's Fertilizer and Landscape Management Code requires the use of 50 percent slow-release nitrogen, which will result in a better looking and healthier landscape. The current code is available on the Sarasota County website,, keyword search "fertilizer."

"One of the best things you can do is minimize the use of plants and turf requiring large amounts of fertilizer, pesticide treatment or watering,” said Rob Wright of Sarasota County Environmental Services. “Use native and Florida friendly vegetation that is adapted to our Florida environment and requires little to no additional watering and fertilizer after plant establishment. Native plants also provide a great habitat and food source for wildlife, birds and butterflies."

Among other tips for maintaining a healthy landscape while protecting waterways are:

  • mow grass as high as possible with a mulching mower
  • don't over-water turf and plants
  • install a soil moisture sensor to determine when to water
  • keep fertilizer at least 10 feet from any water's edge
  • create a low-maintenance zone of landscape plants near the water's edge to prevent fertilizer runoff
For more information, contact the Sarasota County Call Center at 941-861-5000 or visit, keyword search "fertilizer."