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Mote Scientists Advocate Sustainable Aquaculture as Economic Engine for Sarasota

Op-ed column in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune
by Michael P. Crosby and Kevan L. Main

Sarasota County's commitment to invest in the economic engines of science and technology were evident in our community's desire to have the Jackson Laboratory locate here, and in the Economic Development Corp.'s emphasis on science and technology in its strategic plan.

As many in our community ask themselves "what's next?"—and perhaps consider the economic potential of a federal expansion of fish farming in coastal waters—it's time to make a case for looking in our own backyard at existing science and technology enterprises and the significant opportunities for them to serve as a foundation for stimulating economic development.

Let's begin with aquaculture, then return to the Jackson Labs experience, and focus on a rare gem that has provided dedicated service to Sarasota and Southwest Florida for nearly 60 years: Mote Marine Laboratory...