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New Wiki Explores Coastal Watershed Issues

The Coastal Sarasota Watersheds Wiki was developed through a New Florida Initiative Grant to New College of Florida for the Coastal Watershed Initiative, a multi-component project designed and implemented by Julie Morris (New College Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs) and Jennifer and David Shafer of Shafer Consulting LLC.

The structure and content of the wiki mirrors that of the Sarasota Watershed Symposium held on Feb. 15-17, 2012, at New College. It will remain a permanent part of the Sarasota Water Atlas. Additional content will continue to be added to it, including Symposium proceedings in multiple formats--video, technical posters, recorded notes from breakout sessions, etc.

The intent is that the wiki will continue to expand and improve as new knowledge and initiatives emerge in the area of coastal watershed protection, and that content for coastal watersheds in communities outside Sarasota County eventually be added. Users of the wiki are encouraged to participate, with researchers contributing the results of their studies, citizens reporting on community projects, and educators providing explanations of watershed issues in the areas of science, policy, and outreach.