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March 14th is deadline to register for Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit

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The CHNEP hosts the Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit every three years to learn about current research and restoration efforts as well as critical environmental issues affecting the Charlotte Harbor watershed and to review progress since the preceding summit. The theme of the 2014 summit is “our vision in action.” The 2014 sessions will include:

  • Tuesday morning: most sessions will be on evaluating water quality.
  • Tuesday afternoon: most sessions will be on mapping and monitoring seagrass, assessing macroinvertebrates and birds, and a poster session.
  • Wednesday morning: most sessions will be on assessing fish communities.
  • Wednesday afternoon: most sessions will be on assessing shellfish and a poster session.
  • Thursday morning: most sessions will be on restoring water quality, habitats and watersheds.
  • Thursday afternoon: most sessions will be on enhancing stewardship and planning for the future.

The agenda and additional details about this summit are available on CHNEP's website as are PDF files of presentations made at the summits in 1997, 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011. Please register on this site to help the CHNEP plan.

Thanks to generous sponsors, the Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit is free but we do ask those who are able to donate. Any donation of $100 or more will be acknowledged as a sponsor. At the 2014 summit coffee and water will be available throughout the day (no additional refreshments will be provided) and lunch will be provided each day to those who register. (Food can't be brought into the Event Center. In other words, you can't bring your own lunch to eat in the facility.)

The CHNEP is able to hold this event in part because of the generosity of sponsors. Thanks to Charlotte County, CF Industries, Mosaic, Atkins, Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority, Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida, Friends of Charlotte Harbor Estuary, Inc. and the Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center for being the first to sponsor the 2014 Summit. If you are able to help as a sponsor, contact Maran Hilgendorf.

To register, visit this link.

Additional Contact Information

Maran Hilgendorf

Communications Manager,, Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program

326 West Marion Avenue
Punta Gorda, FL - 33950

(941) 575-3374