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A call for environmental project ideas

Pinellas County is currently accepting public input for project ideas to restore the local environment and economy using anticipated federal funds allocated to Pinellas County related to the 2010 BP oil spill.

Projects must be within the county or benefit the county and/or its adjacent bay, coastal and Gulf waters and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Submitted ideas may be developed into project proposals by county staff. The county also plans to accept project proposals for funding later this year.

The Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourism Opportunities, and Revived Economy Act of 2012, better known as the RESTORE Act, requires that penalties collected as a result of the civil lawsuit over the BP oil spill be allocated to the five Gulf States. The exact amount of funding coming to Pinellas County is not yet known, but could be in the range of $1.5 to $2 million per year for 10 or more years.

Citizens can submit ideas, review county-held public meeting information and read a summary of the RESTORE Act provided by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection online. Project ideas can also be mailed to:

Attention: RESTORE Act Program Director
Pinellas County Natural Resources
22211 U.S. Highway 19 N., Bldg. 10
Clearwater, FL 33765