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Reclaimed irrigation water coming to Lakewood Ranch from Bradenton and Sarasota

LAKEWOOD RANCH – Lakewood Ranch soon will receive reclaimed water for irrigation from four different sources, through funding agreements established in the past several years with the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Braden River Utilities, a subsidiary of Schroeder-Manatee Ranch Inc.

Recycled water from the Braden River Watershed, which will primarily be used to irrigate Lakewood Ranch homes and golf courses, is of a higher quality than groundwater from wells and will help conservation efforts, resulting in less strain on the regional water-supply system.

"Reclaimed water with advanced water treatment is very clean, with little minerals and no salt. The remaining nitrogen and phosphorus in the reclaimed water are both absorbed and utilized by the grass and plant material being irrigated," said Bob Simons, vice president of Braden River Utilities.