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FEMA Flood Map Modernization process continues with submission of appeals

​SARASOTA COUNTY – As part of the on-going FEMA Flood Map Modernization project, Sarasota County and the municipalities are preparing to submit a summary report following a review of the agency's preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps. The report will include more than 800 comments, six of which will address major concerns. In addition, there will be eight major, scientifically supported appeals.

Sarasota County has been working with its consultant, Amec Foster Wheeler, to conduct the detailed review of all 110 of FEMA's digital maps of the unincorporated county, the cities of Sarasota, Venice and North Port, and the Town of Longboat Key. The appeals are related to specific areas and county-wide concerns and are intended to refine the floodplain mapping and better reflect the community's flood risks. County staff worked with residents and homeowners' groups in the affected areas to discuss the comments and appeals process.

Before the preliminary FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps can be finalized, FEMA is required to review and address all comments and appeals submitted. The comments and appeals are due by April 30, and FEMA anticipates the review period will take between six to eight months.

The maps were produced using state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering to increase the quality, reliability and availability of flood hazard maps and data. In addition to providing more accurate and up-to-date flood hazard information, the Map Modernization program enhances community officials' and citizens' decision-making and their ability to manage potential flood risks and other issues locally. The program is a presidential initiative funded by Congress.

Residents and property owners can call the Sarasota County Contact Center at 941-861-5000 for assistance with flood risk concerns.