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Water-Related News

City seeks to drain Ken Thompson Parkway

For years, rainy weather on City Island has elicited groans from business owners on Ken Thompson Parkway who are used to a flooding that results in traffic backups and, sometimes, less business.

“Many of our guests see the water buildup on the road, think it’s saltwater, and turn around rather than drive through it,” said Mote Marine Laboratory Pubic Relations Manager Kaitlyn Fusco. “It affects our guests, our summer camps and our educational groups.”

Fund transfer from MarineMax will help the project. Amy Blair, general manager of The Old Salty Dog, says the flooding deters some guests who park at Mote and don’t want to wade through the water on their way to the restaurant for lunch.

“It’s a major inconvenience,” Blair said.

But the days of flooding along Ken Thompson Parkway will soon be over.

The city of Sarasota is starting work in mid-November on a $160,000 project that will divert rainwater into Sarasota Bay.