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Charlotte County consents to water authority pipeline

After many months of negotiation and intergovernmental cooperation, a milestone accord is nearing completion for construction of both a regional water pipeline in Charlotte County and a reverse osmosis water treatment plant for Punta Gorda.

At Tuesday’s County Commission meeting, commissioners gave their consent for construction of the phase one interconnect pipeline. On Thursday, a special meeting of the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority is expected to put the final pieces in place for the pipeline project, which is a precondition for the city’s RO facility.

"It looks very good for all the hard work that’s been done," Commissioner Ken Doherty said. "This is the day we’ve all been waiting for."

In endorsing the pipeline project, Charlotte maintained its stance that construction will not cost the county any money. Indeed, all the funding issues seem to have been resolved for the pipeline, but not the RO plant.

Approval of a cooperative funding agreement on Jan. 19 by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, commonly referred to as Swiftmud, made possible the $12 million pipeline, which would connect the Shell Creek Water Treatment Plant in Punta Gorda to the authority’s regional system in Punta Gorda. Under the agreement, Swiftmud will provide ?ww$6 million, the state $4 million and Punta Gorda $2 million.