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Sarasota County’s 2015 Water Quality report now available

​SARASOTA COUNTY – The 2015 Sarasota County Drinking Water Report is now available online. The report details the high quality of Sarasota County's water. Included is a summary for our customers giving information about where our water comes from, what it contains and how it compares to the standards set by regulatory agencies.

Sarasota County Public Utilities was recently awarded best tasting drinking water for consistently meeting or exceeding state and federal standards for drinking water. The 2015 Water Quality report gives customers the chance to learn more about their local water supply.

"Earning the distinction of best tasting drinking water, combined with the results of the water quality report, reflects the dedication from Public Utilities as we provide high-quality and reliable drinking water to our customers," said Sarasota County Public Utilities Manager Dave Cash.

The report can be viewed online at A hard copy of the report can be mailed per request by emailing or calling the water quality services at 941-861-5000.