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Fertilizer restricted season kicks off June 1

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SARASOTA COUNTY – Sarasota County reminds residents to "Be Floridian" and refrain from applying fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus from June 1 to Sept. 30.

Sarasota County code prohibits the use of these lawn or landscape fertilizers during the rainy season because they can get washed into our ponds and bays, harming our environment.

The good news is there are lots of ways to keep your lawn looking great while keeping algae-feeding nitrogen and phosphorus out of our waterways. According to experts with Sarasota County UF/IFAS Extension, using the following tips can help keep our waterways healthy:

  • Use "summer safe" yard products that contain iron or other micronutrients to green up your lawn during the summer.
  • Improve your dirt: Give your garden a boost by adding compost or other soil amendments.
  • Choose better plants: Florida-friendly landscaping needs less fertilizer, water and overall care.

For more information, call the Sarasota County Contact Center at 941-861-5000.