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North Port, Sarasota County seeking vendors, sponsors for Myakkahatchee Creek Connector celebration

City, County seeking vendors, sponsors for the Myakkahatchee Creek Connector Celebration in September

The City of North Port and Sarasota County are seeking in-kind sponsors and vendors for a Myakkahatchee Creek Connector Celebration on Saturday, September 17, 2016.

The City of North Port and Sarasota County will be celebrating the completion of construction of a pedestrian and equestrian bridge that crosses the R36 canal (at the northern end of the City’s boundaries) and connects the City’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park to the County’s 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve. The celebration will start at 10 a.m. with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony at 10:30 a.m.

In-kind sponsors are needed to provide food, games, activities, and fun during the event.

The City of North Port is the largest city in Sarasota County. Spanning 104.1-square-miles, the City is home to more than 62,000 residents. North Port’s unique natural environment is one of its attractions. Tucked beneath a thick oak and pine canopy, the City is home to Warm Mineral Springs and a lush landscape of Florida fauna and flora. Many of North Port’s residents already enjoy outdoor activities. Connecting North Port to the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve further provides North Port residents with opportunities for horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching and more. The Carlton Reserve offers 80 miles of nature trails. The community has been anticipating the completion of the pedestrian bridge for a number of years.

“We are hoping that there are community groups and businesses interested in getting involved in the Connector Celebration in September,” said Erin Bryce, Community Outreach Manager. “This bridge will enhance the quality of life for North Port residents. They no longer will have to drive out of the City limits to Jacaranda Boulevard to access the Carlton Reserve.”

The construction of the bridge is a joint venture between both the City of North Port and Sarasota County. Both government agencies came together and offered $285,000 toward the project, which paid for the design, construction, and contingency.

“We are looking for any organization or business interested in getting involved,” Bryce said. “I would encourage them to simply pick up the phone and call me and we can discuss some of the types of activities or in-kind sponsors that we are looking for. We are looking for sponsors for food, activities, information tables, and more. The door is wide open.”

For more information on how to get involved, contact Bryce, the City’s Community Outreach Manager, at (941) 429-7165 or at