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Sarasota County takes over mangrove management from state

Siesta Key resident David Thomas bought his home on the Grand Canal in 1992. It came complete with waterfront views and space for a dock. Twenty-four years later, instead of a dock, he has mangroves abutting his back porch.

He doesn’t mind, and he doesn’t do much to limit their growth. In fact, he’s more worried about how neighbors manage their mangroves.

“There hasn’t been a lot of education about it,” Thomas said. “If somebody wants to do something, the process hasn’t been accessible.”

Due to the environmental importance of mangroves in preventing shoreline erosion, property owners had to petition the state for a permit to trim the plants — until now.

After the County Commission passed a new ordinance pertaining to mangrove management Oct. 11, property owners will be able to acquire trimming permits from county staff starting Nov. 1.