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City looks to secure final funding for Lift Station 87

The city of Sarasota will seek to borrow slightly more than $30 million from state loan programs to fund the remainder of the beleaguered but recovering Lift Station 87 sewer project in the Hudson Bayou area.

The first of the two loans includes almost $28.6 million for work associated with the construction of the wastewater and reclamation facilities, including the pipes, wells and underground equipment and work on the above-ground building that houses the pumping equipment.

The second loan includes about $1.6 million for work associated with the drinking water facilities located at the new station that serve Alta Vista, Pomelo and Pomelo Place.

Together the loans would help pay for the new attempt at the project, now set to be completed at the end of 2020. Setbacks and cost increases derailed the first attempt years ago.