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Aqua by the Bay hearings rescheduled

BRADENTON – The next two public hearing reviews of Carlos Beruff's Aqua by the Bay will both take place in August.

Having been provided additional information by the developers, as requested by the Manatee County Commission, the Manatee County Planning Commission will conduct its second review of the controversial development on Thursday, Aug. 10. The Planning Commission review had been tentatively scheduled for July 13.

The County Commission will then review the revised general development plan and rezoning request as previously scheduled on Thursday, Aug. 16. Both meetings will allow for public input.

The pending reviews will be based on more detailed information obtained from the development team that specifies the number and location of high-rise buildings in an area currently zoned for a maximum height limit of 35 feet. The developers need the County Commission's permission to exceed the existing height limit.

A June 7 memo Manatee County staff received from King Engineering Associates states the Aqua by the Bay development team is committed to a maximum of four 145-foot tall condominium buildings and a maximum of 12 95-foot tall condominium buildings, with the number of 95-foot high-rises to be determined by market conditions. The developers also provided county staff with additional details on the setback distances from the bay and between buildings. The developers stated the 145-foot buildings, if approved, would be located in the center of the property.

The Aug. 10 Planning Commission review will provide those members with their first opportunity to discuss a proposed man-made Crystal Lagoon water feature. It will also allow for additional discussion on the previously discussed man-made estuary enhancement area and concrete retaining wall.

The development property formerly known as Long Bar Pointe is located in southwest unincorporated Manatee County between El Conquistador Parkway and Sarasota Bay. In recent months, much of the property has been cleared for development and the preliminary site work continues.