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Drone study examines wading birds around North Port’s canals

NORTH PORT – A drone took flight earlier this year to survey around 35 miles of North Port's 80 miles of canals. The purpose of the study was to take a closer look at wading birds during this year's nesting season.

"I think this kind of study is very, very important," said Edie Driest, Chair of the North Port Friends of Wildlife. "A number of animals is being listed on the endangered species list, so having this kind of technology is a big tool, a big positive tool."

Many types of birds of all sizes were able to be spotted during the study, as was an abundance of vegetation in a lot of places that are inaccessible. At times the drone was flying 200 feet above the canals.

"It gives you the ability to gather really accurate data and a lot of the decisions in land development or conservation are based on having the best available data," said Matthew Miller, Environmental Manager with Water Resource Associates Engineering.

Water Resource Associates Engineering was overseeing the study and they had received a grant from the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. They presented their findings to a large group of folks Wednesday night who were very interested in what they had to say.