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Volunteer this Saturday at Red Bug Slough!

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Join your neighbors this Saturday, December 16th for two opportunities to clean and restore Red Bug Slough Preserve.

Red Bug Slough Clean Up

Sat. Dec. 16th 9:00am
5200 Beneva Road in Sarasota
Meet at the picnic table. Gloves, trash bags, grabbers, snacks, and drinking water provided.

Red Bug Slough Preserve is a rare nature preserve because it is located in town. It is connected to Phillippi Creek and provides a refuge for fish to travel up and downstream to the creek and the all the way to Roberts Bay. For more information, contact John Ryan

Help Build a Turtle Island at Red Bug Slough

Sat. Dec. 16th 10:00am
5200 Beneva Road in Sarasota
Take the trail from the Beneva Road parking lot and meet near the pavilion and dock at the lake.

The Neighborhood Environmental Stewardship Team (NEST) needs help building a Turtle Island. The idea is to provide a small island made of woody debris in the lake at the Preserve. The part of the island above the water will be a resting spot for turtles and birds, where they can sun themselves - safely removed from people and predators. Below the water, the wood will provide a fertile habitat structure for small fish and other aquatic life - and will build the base of the food chain.

Building Turtle Island is an experiment. New ideas are being explored to determine if habitats can be enhanced in the more than 6,000 created ponds in Sarasota County. Healthy ponds that are full of life contribute to our lives too. If Turtle Island is a success then maybe others can be built throughout the County. Homeowners will be able to enjoy more wildlife viewing right from their backyards. For more information, contact Mollie Holland at 941-232-5567 or