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Hurricane Michael causes flooding and erosion in Sarasota

The fury of Hurricane Michael was hundreds of miles away, but Sarasota County felt some of its effects Wednesday.

The city of Sarasota and county government cautioned drivers to avoid floodwaters, closed parks and readied crews to assist in the aftermath of the hurricane that made landfall at 1:45 p.m. near Mexico Beach in the Florida Panhandle with winds measured at about 155 mph.

Sarasota County Emergency Management prepped teams at Station 20, where its fleet services building is located, to leave for the storm-torn area at 5 p.m. The team includes two strikes teams — one made up of five rescuers and a leader and the second team of three fire engines and a leader.

The city of Venice closed North Jetty Park to safeguard visitors from high tide and swells from 2 to 4 feet that broke across the deck of the jetty.