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Water-Related News

Fertilizer restricted season underway in Sarasota County

Sarasota County reminds the community to skip using nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on lawns and landscapes from June 1 through Sept. 30, as part of an effort to keep the community's waterways healthy.

The ordinance, which was enacted in 2007, reduces the nutrients in stormwater and helps to protect natural habitats in creeks, lakes and marine waters that receive runoff from our stormwater system.

According to Sarasota County Air and Water Quality Manager John Hickey, landscapes during the rainy season do not have enough time to absorb the nutrients in fertilizer and are washed away. Nutrient runoff can cause harmful algal blooms that block sunlight from reaching underwater grasses, rob the water of oxygen and threaten aquatic life.

"While you may think that your own yard may play an inconsequential part in the overall effects of nutrient pollution, it is important to remember that collectively, all of the yards add up. Through proper landscape maintenance techniques, and with everyone's cooperation, we can keep our yards and waterways healthy," Hickey added.