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Longboat Key expects to save about $8.7 million on beach projects

Boating and beach activities are closed east of the Longboat Pass Bridge on the north end of Longboat Key as work proceeds on an emergency dredging project on Canal 1A.

The town awarded the Canal 1A bid to Duncan Seawall Dock and Boat Lift, LLC for $81,755, according to Longboat Key town projects manager Charlie Mopps. Work began Jan. 25.

“[Duncan] had some equipment problems last week. Like they had a track that broke, so they’re bringing in a track, fixing it on the beach,” Mopps said. “They got it fixed.”

Canal 1A emergency dredging began on Jan. 25. Boating and beach activities east of Longboat Pass Bridge are closed for another week or so.

Mopps said he expects Duncan to finish the emergency dredging in about a week despite the equipment problems and gusty winds.

The area west of Longboat Pass Bridge remains open for beachgoers and boaters.

The canal project is designed to reopen passage to watercraft under the bridge and into the lagoon east of the gulfside beach. Shoaling over the last few years has rendered the canal virtually impassable for properties along North Shore Road.