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SBEP holding King Tides Photo Contest

The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program needs your help in photographing "King Tides" in your area May 27th & 28th!

On May 27th and 28th, many coastal areas around the U.S. will experience king tides, or extreme high and low tides. If you will be in Sarasota or Manatee counties, snap some photos for a chance to be featured on our website and win prizes!

What are King Tides?

King Tides refer to the extreme high and low tides that occur when the moon is aligned with the earth and sun, and when it closest to the earth in its orbit. Click here for a more in depth look at what creates king tides.

Why Do We Document King Tides?

King Tides give us a preview of how and where higher seas will affect local landscapes, which is important for anticipating and addressing “hot spots” for flooding and salt water inundation. In addition, documenting these effects helps ground-truth local sea level rise models and predictions.

How To Enter:

Submit your best high and low tide photos for a chance to win a $50 first place prize or $25 second place prize.

Step 1: Mark your calendar for BOTH the high tide and low tide on the days you’ll be taking photos. Sometimes these fall during the night. Try to capture your photos in the daylight closest to peak tides. You can also check predicted tidal ranges and times on NOAA's website for Sarasota and Manatee.

Predicted Tides for Sarasota:

  • Highest: May 27th at 12:39 PM or May 28th at 1:21 PM (both 2.67ft)
  • Lowest: May 27th at 9:35 PM (-0.62ft)

Predicted Tides for Manatee:

  • Highest: May 27th at 12:53 PM (2.84ft) or May 28th at 1:35 PM (2.85ft)
  • Lowest: May 27th at 9:38 PM (-0.65ft)

Step 2: Take two photos from the same vantage point at low and high tide to show the water level change during a king tide. If possible, take pictures near identifiable landmarks and try to include some form of measurement like a tide gauge or a person for scale.

Step 3: Post your king tide photos on Facebook and tag us @sarasotaestuary and include #kingtides (make sure your post is public!) OR send your photos directly to

All submissions must be received by MAY 31st and include your NAME, DATE, TIME, and LOCATION.

Vote for your favorite photos June 1st - 6th on Facebook!

King Tide Photo