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Water-Related News

Water quality “looping” project in progress in North Port

Over the last decade, North Port Utilities has been working on replacing weeping and leaking water mains on bridges and eliminating dead ends, both to improve water quality. We’ve received several inquiries regarding the paint marks and marker flags in the Ridgewood Avenue area and we’re excited to tell you that NPU is currently working on a water quality project in this area, along with five other streets throughout the City. Our contractor has been out surveying the area and marking where critical underground infrastructure is located.

Currently, existing water mains in that area “dead end” and require periodic flushing. We will be installing additional water mains in the area so that the lines “loop.” Meaning that the watermain will be connected in a loop so that the water can flow freely and have better circulation improving the overall water quality along those mains – along with reducing the need for flushing in the system and aiding in our overall water conservation efforts.

Though this is in the vicinity of the much talked about proposed area for water and sewer service expansion, this is NOT part of that project. The water quality looping project along Ridgewood, Rockwell, Renault, Meroni and Houston/Lamplighter is a 2020 Commission approved initiative to eliminate dead end water mains. This water quality project was approved for funding from the Southwest Florida Water Management District. As this is a water quality project, connection of existing homes to the new water main is currently voluntary. For more information, please contact North Port Utilities at (941) 240-8000.