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North Port City Commission addresses water and wastewater expansion project

Water and Wastewater Expansion Addressed at May 17, 2021 Commission Meeting – Expansion Design for Blueridge Area

When General Development Corporation originally plotted North Port in the early 60s, they did not know that North Port would become the fastest growing city in the state, nor the environmental impact their lack of planning for infrastructure would have on future generations. Looking forward, we are faced with the decision on how we will move into the future. On May 17th at 5:01 p.m., City Commission will make a decision on whether or not to accept the proposed master plan and move forward with design and permitting for water and wastewater expansion in the Blueridge area along Salford Boulevard.

This first phase is expected to take approximately 30 years to complete at current funding levels. With 22 sewer sheds/phases within the proposed master plan, transitioning the entire Urban Service Boundary Area from septic to a municipal wastewater collection system could take upwards of 900 years to complete. As we are seeing the impact of nitrogen in our waterways as well as along the harbor and coastlines they feed, to do our part to help protect our sensitive environment, staff will be providing information on this project for Commission to vote to accept the plan and initiate design of the first phase or to table efforts at this time.

Public comment for the May 17th meeting is welcomed. You may attend the meeting in person (space permitting due to COVID-19 restrictions), or you may make your comment online beginning at 8:00 AM, May 16th at:

To learn more about the proposed Water & Wastewater Expansion, please visit: