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Sarasota County issues state of emergency due to water shortage

The emergency order includes a temporary ban on lawn irrigation using potable water.

SARASOTA COUNTY — Sarasota County officials have issued a state of emergency for at least a week after the county experienced record demand for potable water.

Officials are also encouraging people living in the county to "be resourceful and refrain from unnecessary use of potable water for the next seven days."

The county says it is especially concerned about water usage during Memorial Day weekend and the ongoing dry weather conditions.

The emergency order includes a ban on lawn irrigation "until further notice."

The county says the emergency declaration was made Wednesday due to "recent water system changes and below-normal pressure levels." Officials say on Tuesday the county saw a demand of more than 31 million gallons of potable water, a new record.

Officials say the county is getting its normal allocation of water from Manatee County and the system is maintaining the minimum water pressure. Manatee County has also experienced its own water supply issues within its water system. However, the county says people and businesses in the area north of Bee Ridge Road may experience water supply issues, especially for those in a multi-story building.

The emergency order does not include the City of Venice.