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Millions spent to protect Manasota Key from erosion

CHARLOTTE COUNTY – Every storm that hits the shores of Southwest Florida could cause beach erosion. Officials in Charlotte County are working to protect their beaches by surveying the sand before and after major storms.

Before the Manasota Key Restoration project, the beach was basically non-existent. Residents said the waves were practically knocking at their back doors.

“There was significant erosion. In some cases actually impacting structures on the beach, houses, and condos,” public works director, John Elias said.

These waves could have caused major destruction had Charlotte and Sarasota counties not stepped in.

“Obviously if there’s no foundation under them, it could collapse so that was a problem,” Elias said.

Charlotte and Sarasota brought in more than one million cubic yards of sand to Manasota Key in 2020. This provided a renewed sense of hope, according to the residents who live there.