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Public meeting Oct. 5th to discuss update to City of Venice Floodplain Management Plan

UPDATE: The deadline for providing online comments on the floodplain management plan has been extended to Sept. 30th.

The purpose of the City of Venice Floodplain Management Plan is to protect people and property, to ensure federal flood insurance is available, to save tax dollars, and to avoid liability and lawsuits. Implementing floodplain management regulations reduces vulnerability to future flood risk. The purpose of the plan update is:

  1. To assess flood hazards that affect the City
  2. To assess the problems brought about by flood hazards
  3. To define floodplain management goals
  4. To review possible floodplain management activities
  5. To develop an action plan
  6. To review the effectiveness of existing programs
  7. To plan the annual update and adoption

Learning about vulnerabilities, such as low-lying land that may flood from time to time, assists in making well-informed decisions to help protect our families, homes and businesses. The latest update to the plan was June 2020.

The Community Rating System (CRS) Committee will hold a noticed public meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. at Venice City Hall to discuss updates to the plan.

For more information and to view the drafts of the plan, visit You can download the plan from this page, and there is an online form for citizens to provide feedback.