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Rivendell Community’s passion protects its ponds

Sue Remy

The Rivendell Community is passionate about nature and wildlife, especially resident Sue Remy. Rivendell is adjacent to Oscar Scherer State Park. Residents take pride in keeping the community healthy for local wildlife. To aid in this, Rivdenell established a Ponds and Preserves Committee, which Sue is a member of. The Ponds and Preserves Committee has improved their neighborhood through a pilot pond filled with water-friendly native plants. This pilot pond has been an example of new bird habitat and the reintroduction of native plants to the neighborhood.

Sue contributes part of the pond program's success, and subsequent nature walks, to the Rivendell Board. With the help of the Board, Sue was able to recommend and implement a standing rule in the community for native plantings in all the neighborhood ponds. She ensures that Rivendell residents stay engaged and up to date with the health of their ponds through newsletters, events, and nature walks. Click below to learn more about the Rivendell Ponds and Preserves Committee.

Photo: Sue Remy, Sarasota County Neighborhood Services "Neighbor of the Month"