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Sarasota County approves purchase of 228 acres in Old Miakka

Sarasota County, Conservation Foundation, partner for land preservation effort

The Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners recently approved the purchase 228 acres in Old Miakka, acreage that was recently acquired by Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast.

The land is a critical link between Sarasota County’s Old Miakka Preserve and Conservation Foundation’s Tatum Sawgrass Scrub Preserve, further connecting to over 120,000 acres of conserved land protecting the Myakka River.

Sarasota County Commission Chairman Alan Maio said this decision further demonstrates the county’s ongoing commitment to environmental protection.

“These efforts are very important to the community, which makes it a priority for our board. We value the partnership we share with the Conservation Foundation and their efforts to preserve these lands for future generations,” Maio added.

The benefits of protecting this strategically located land extend well beyond its boundaries. It impacts the region’s water quality, water quantity, and timing of water flows and levels, while also providing a diverse and rich habitat for wildlife.

“We took a risk in purchasing the land using short-term loans without having a conservation buyer lined up and are thrilled that Sarasota County has now voted to purchase the land as an addition to their Old Miakka Preserve,” said Christine P. Johnson, president of Conservation Foundation.

For more information regarding this effort, or to learn more about the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, visit the following link.

More information about Sarasota County’s commitment to land conservation can be found by calling the county Contact Center at 941-861-5000, or by visiting