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Longboat Key adopts Motor Boats Prohibited areas on Greer Island

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The Longboat Key Town Commission adopted restrictions prohibiting the operation, anchoring and beaching of motorized vessels in two areas on the southeastern portion of the Greer Island Manatee County-owned Park, East of the Longboat Pass Bridge (location map).

The purpose is to protect public bathers that bathe, wade, lounge and congregate in and on the shallow waters of this portion of Greer Island from dangers caused by increased vessel operations along the beach. These areas will be limited to beach goers, waders, kayakers, paddleboarders and other non-motorized vessels.

Buoys marking the motorized vessels restricted areas will be installed prior to the 4th of July weekend. Boaters are advised to be aware of these areas and that violations will carry a $250 penalty for a 1st offense and $500 for any subsequent offenses.

For Additional Information:
Planning, Zoning & Building Department Director, Allen Parsons