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Deadline for applications for Sarasota Bay Partners grants is March 1st

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2023 Sarasota Bay Partners Grants Priority Issue: Climate Change & Resilience

Warming temperatures, rising sea levels, and altered weather patterns will continue to impact our natural and built environments. Local action can help prepare our communities and estuary for these changing conditions. There are many opportunities to engage in this dynamic, as shown in the project idea list below. Click here to learn more about climate change in Sarasota Bay. Please note that this list is suggestive, not exhaustive, of projects that meet the 2023 priority issue. You are encouraged to apply even if your scope is not listed or is outside of our priority issue.

Project Ideas: Habitat Restoration and Water Quality

  • Planting shade trees in highly paved urban areas
  • Installing rain gardens and bioswales to filter runoff from impervious surfaces
  • Diverting gutter downspouts from impervious surfaces to planter boxes, garden beds, or other permeable areas, or to rainwater harvesting systems like rain barrels and cisterns
  • Implementing living shorelines or seawall modifications that will allow mangroves to “migrate upslope”

Project Ideas: Bay-Related Environmental Education and Community Stewardship.

  • Environmental education programs that incorporate principles of best practices in environmental education, such as those developed by the North American Association for Environmental Education
  • Producing educational programs, videos, or signage centered around climate change
  • Community science monitoring and restoration programs
  • School or college environmental club service or outreach projects
  • Neighborhood engagement campaigns to encourage Bay-friendly behaviors
For more information and grant application, please visit the link below.