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Greer (Beer Can) Island accessible again via Canal 1A

First shorebirds and sea turtles caused delays, then an abandoned power line slowed work down.

Canal 1A on the north end of Longboat Key is traversable again.

The latest maintenance dredging of Longboat Key’s Greer Island Spit Management Project officially wrapped up on Sept. 7.

About 19,000 cubic yards of sand were dredged from the canal and relocated to the groin field toward the end of North Shore Road.

The now dredged canal also allows for boat owners to freely navigate to the Gulf and restores their riparian rights.

According to Public Works Program Manager Charlie Mopps, the project had just about wrapped up before Hurricane Idalia made its way towards Florida’s coast.

The crew was in the process of demobilization and doing some final surveys, which showed the dredging was near completion.