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Sarasota County to host public meeting on climate-related flood, storm surge study

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SARASOTA COUNTY – Sarasota County residents are invited to a July 23 public meeting to learn the findings of a study focused on the threat flooding and sea level rise could pose to county assets.

The meeting will showcase highlights from the county’s Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience analysis, a state-funded project to look at public infrastructure and identify possible projects aimed at reducing risks and potential funding avenues.

“By planning for these vulnerabilities, we aim to enhance the resilience of our coastal systems and infrastructure, to safeguard our economy and reduce future costs,” said Sara Kane, sustainability and resilience manager with Sarasota County UF/IFAS Extension and Sustainability.

Sarasota County features miles of coastline and waterways that attract and benefit residents, visitors and businesses alike. Officials here, as in many other coastal areas, are working to safeguard these social and economic benefits against the risks posed by flooding, sea level rise, storm surges and other climate-related stressors.

Part of that effort has included completing the vulnerability study, launched in 2023 and funded through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Resilient Florida grant program.

Attendees can join the 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. meeting in person or online to learn key study findings, including focus area priorities—such as locations where flooding or storm surge threaten a wide range of buildings and other infrastructure—and explore adaptation strategies. The meeting also will offer information about the Resilient Florida program.

The in-person meeting is set for the Sarasota County Extension office at Twin Lakes Park, 6700 Clark Road, Sarasota, with light refreshments available. Learn more and register to attend—in person or online—at

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