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Assessment, Monitoring, and Protection of Small Tidal Tributaries

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Title: Assessment, Monitoring, and Protection of Small Tidal Tributaries

Discussion Group Leader: Mike Wessel

Value of the Creek from those who live on them (citizens)

Value for professionals

Dealing with Sediment


Nutrient Number: tidal creeks have to comply with. A lot of work trying to figure out what we are trying to protect and assess.

What is a tidal creek? Bayou same as open bay, there is a transition area usually.

What is enough information to AMP within budget constraints? Potential Metrics:

Problem: Metrics do not translate to the human benefit (product as tidal creeks valued by the community) Dissension: Different discussion, these metrics were more about creating a healthy shoreline and tidal creek system, rather than translating metrics into the relation to the community.

Policy Based on Sound Science: Go from Process to Synthesis that can be Explained to the public and Translated into Policy

What will information be used for? What is the PURPOSE of assessment?

Things that make Bay healthy come through Watershed, creeks, etc. Chronic problem in bay would be sourced in walking back up the creeks.

Isotope analysis: finding out where nitrogen is coming from. Urbanization around water shed: questions about point sources.

Water Atlas: source of ‘simple thinking’ and public access

Tidal Creeks: lost in the gap of marine and fresh water biologists

Translating Metric Data into water quality standards. Response: People have tried that, these areas don’t lend themselves to classifications because the water movement makes them dynamic and hard to create standards because as tidal creeks they are inherently fluctuating bodies of water.

Learning the Phases of Tidal Creeks to Differentiate between Data the needs to be collected and data which would be redundant to collect.

All Tidal Creeks Different: Different Flow, Morphology, go from one extreme to the other, the dynamics are the energy that makes them work, tidal creek as creek specific

Suggestion for Out of Water Metrics. ex) tree canopy in relation to temperature change

Contact jay@sarasotabay.org for information about tidal creek workshops

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