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Coastal Wildlife Conservation and Shoreline Management

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Title: Coastal Wildlife Conservation and Shoreline Management

Discussion Group Leaders: Blair Hayman and Tom Ostertag

The Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative (CWCI) is a partnership strategy to address coastal issues that impact wildlife and their habitat. The vision of this initiative is to ensure the long-term conservation of native wildlife in coastal ecosystems throughout Florida in balance with human activities. The key is overlap here, maintaining wildlife habitat and the conservation of natural resources along with human recreational and daily activities. Only then will the initiative and conservation in general gain full community support and action. Policy-makers will not enact that which is unpopular. Additionally, the public will not change their actions in a direction that adversely affects their current lifestyle.

CWCI Priority Issues

Discussion Topics

Which issues should be left to the state or federal government and which should be handled at the local level?

What are some of the successes that have happened locally?

Next Steps

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