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Improving Science Education: Making Connections Between Scientists and Educators

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Title: Bridging the Science Outreach Gap: making connections between scientists and educators

Group Leader: Myriam Springuel and Barbara Spector

Problem: What can be done to make scientists and educators interact more with each other so that they can better educate the public and get them to care about conservation?

Why does an idea not always make the journey from my head to yours intact?

The Three C's

1. Cognitive framework – Everybody has their own experiences

2. Context – Words get their meaning from the context in which they're used (e. g. run for president, run in a marathon)

3. Culture – how can we communicate among people from varying cultures and get the same idea across?

Strategies for bridging the gap

Desired outcomes:

Informal Science Institutions Environmental Education Graduate Certificate

Science and Environment Council of Sarasota County

How can discussion between these groups be stimulated other than just bringing them together?


Why is there a gap between scientists and educators and students?

Science Education at the College Level

Ways to get kids interested in science

Outreach to Groups that aren't already interested

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