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The Future of SWFWMD Policy

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Title: The Future of SWFWMD Policy

Discussion Group Leaders: Albert Joerger and Roy Mazur

SWFWMD is funded mainly through permit fees, Ad valorem, and interest. Declining revenue has prompted the needs for budget cuts. SWFWMD set a goal to cut 20% of their spending.

In looking for areas of their budget to cut, SWFWMD is focused on gaining efficiencies. As a result, no major programs were eliminated and they don’t anticipate that any will in the future to accommodate their revenue shortfall.

SWFWMD has a budget of approximately $150 million. $100 million is used to operate; the remainder is used to fund projects. Over the next few years, SWFWMD aims to maintain a fund for projects at around $40 million.

Main Questions

Will SWFWMD move toward a model of public private partnerships?

Will education continue to be a focus for SWFWMD?

What are some of SWFWMD surface water projects going on?

How much staff did you end up cutting?

What is the impact of the loss of the Basin Boards?

Has SWFWMD stopped buying land? What is the status of the “surplus land” program?

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