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Water Resources in the Lemon Bay Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type S-T-R
Ainger Canal 38-466A   River N/A¹
Ainger Creek   River N/A¹
Alligator Creek   River N/A¹
Alligator Seaboard East Pond   Lake 28-39-19
Annex Road Pond Pond DP28-1 Lake 35-27-18
Argyle Lake Pond L28-67 Lake 28-39-19
Audubon Rookery Pond Pond P28-50 Lake 34-39-19
Bass Lake   Lake 4-41-20
Bates Lake Pond L35-49 Lake 3-40-19
Bayou Canal   River N/A¹
Boat Basin   River N/A¹
Briarwood Waterway   River N/A¹
Broadmoor Pond 1   Lake 13-41-20
Broadmoor Pond 2   Lake 13-41-20
Broadmoor Waterway   River N/A¹
Buck Creek   River N/A¹
Butterford Waterway   River N/A¹
Canal 35,36-460   River N/A¹
Canal Number 1   River N/A¹
Canal Number 2   River N/A¹
Canal Number 3   River N/A¹
Casa de Meadows Lake   Lake 16-41-20
Claremont Waterway   River N/A¹
Claw Lake Pond L28-377 Lake 22-39-19
Clematis Lake Pond L28-66 Lake 29-39-19
Datura Waterway   River N/A¹
De Charles Canal   River N/A¹
Dolphin Lake Pond L28-91 Lake 33-39-19
Eagle Nest Canal   River N/A¹
Elm Lake 1 Pond L36-1, Elm Lake #1 Lake 24-40-19
Elm Lake 2 Pond L36-2, Elm Lake #2 Lake 24-40-19
Elm Street Pond Pond DP36-8 Lake 35-27-18
Englewood Isles Canal Pond L35-13, Englewood Isles Lake Lake 14-40-19
Englewood Sports Complex North Pond   Lake 29-40-20
Englewood Sports Complex South Pond Pond DP38-6 Lake 29-40-20
Englewood Sports Complex West Pond Pond DP38-8 Lake 29-40-20
Faun Lake Pond L28-64 Lake 20-39-19
Forked Canal 35-452   River N/A¹
Forked Creek   River N/A¹
Geneva Lake Pond L28-63 Lake 28-39-19
Gondolier Waterway   River N/A¹
Gottfried Creek   River N/A¹
Gottfried North Englewood Lateral Canal   River N/A¹
Gulf of Mexico   Gulf N/A
Heritage Lake P28-27   Lake 22-39-19
Heron Lakes Pond P28-80   Lake 23-39-19
Indian Mound Park North Pond Pond DP36-9 Lake 35-27-18
Indian Mound Park South Pond Pond DP36-10 Lake 35-27-18
Indiana Avenue Pond Dot Dp35-8   Lake 24-40-19
Intracoastal Waterway Venice   Bay N/A¹
Jacaranda 41 Northwest Pond Pond DP28-5 Lake 35-27-18
Jacaranda Country Club Pond P28-10   Lake 27-39-19
Jacaranda Library Pond Pond DP28-2 Lake 27-39-19
Juno Canal   River N/A¹
Jupiter Canal   River N/A¹
Lafitte Waterway   River N/A¹
Lake Blueberry   Lake 1-41-20
Lake Breeze Wood   Lake 5-41-20
Lake Sturgeon   Lake 4-41-20
Lake Sunapee   Lake 4-41-20
Lake View Canal   River N/A¹
Lemon Bay   Bay N/A¹
Lemon Bay Park Pond Pond DP36-11 Lake 35-27-18
Lemon Creek   River N/A¹
March Waterway   River N/A¹
Marlin Lake Pond L28-90 Lake 33-39-19
Mars Canal   River N/A¹
Mars Lake Pond L28-65 Lake 20-39-19
Mcneire Canal Pond L28-374, Mcneary Waterway Lake 35-27-18
Minerva Canal   River N/A¹
Mohegan Lake Pond L28-73 Lake 21-39-19
Morningside Lake Pond L28-71B Lake 21-39-19
Newgate Waterway   River N/A¹
North Lake   Lake 29-40-20
Old Englewood Road Pond Dot Dp35-9   Lake 35-27-18
Oneida Briarwood Pond Pond P28-216 Lake 35-27-18
Onieda Lake Pond L28-71C Lake 21-39-19
Osceola Boulevard Pond Pond DP36-12 Lake 23-40-19
Oyster Creek   River N/A¹
Palm Canal   River N/A¹
Palm Lake   Lake 16-41-20
Pebble Beach Creek   River N/A¹
Pine Lake Pond L36-4 Lake 24-40-19
Pinehurst Creek   River N/A¹
Red Lake   Lake 30-39-19
Redfish Bayou   River N/A¹
Redfish Waterway   River N/A¹
Redfish Waterway   River N/A¹
Rigel Lake Pond L28-72 Lake 21-39-19
Rotonda River   River N/A¹
San Victoria Canal   River N/A¹
Seamist Waterway   River N/A¹
Serpula Lake Pond L28-69 Lake 21-39-19
Shasta Lake Pond L28-71A Lake 21-39-19
Siesta Waterway   River N/A¹
Snook Bayou   River N/A¹
South Lake   Lake 29-40-20
Stratford Lakeview East Pond   Lake 30-40-20
Tarpon Lake Pond L28-89 Lake 33-39-19
Trinitie Canal   River N/A¹
Troy Lake   Lake 3-41-20
Venice East Lake Pond L28-60 Lake 27-39-19
Venice Fhp Lake 1 Pond L28-28 Lake 34-39-19
Venice Fhp Lake 2 Pond L28-27 Lake 35-27-18
Venice Fhp Lake 3 Pond L28-26 Lake 35-27-18
Venice Gardens Lake Pond L28-37(A,B,C), Orchid Lakes, Venice Gardens Pond, Lake Jasmine, Lake LaGorce, Lake Magnolia, Lake Shamrock Lake 21-39-19
Woodmere Creek North   River N/A¹
Woodmere Creek South   River N/A¹
Woodmere Park East Pond 3 Pond DP27-7 Lake 27-39-19
Woodmere Park Northwest Pond Pond DP27-9 Lake 35-27-18
Woodmere Park Southwest Pond Pond DP27-8 Lake 27-39-19
Woodmere, Lake   Lake 27-39-19
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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