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Visit these pages to increase your understanding and appreciation of our water resources.

Take a virtual tour of Alligator Creek, rich with wetlands, trails, mangrove forests, and wildlife. Get Started ›

Take a virtual tour of this productive tidal creek that flows from the Celery Fields to Roberts Bay. Get Started ›

Learn about techniques for capturing and using rainwater to reduce stormwater pollution and flooding while creating attractive landscapes. Get Started ›

Watershed management plans define and address existing or future water quality problems within a watershed. View the county's most recent watershed management plans. Get Started ›

Hurricanes, tropical storms and heavy rainfall can occur any time in Sarasota County, making YOUR property subject to flooding. Get Started ›

Water quality concerns that affect marine life, including those species targeted by anglers, include harmful algal blooms (HABs) like red tide and blue-green algae, bacteria, mercury, and nutrient pollution. Get Started ›

Find information about Sarasota County beaches, and about what steps the County and its partners are taking to protect beachgoers from bacteria exposure and avert "No-Swim Advisories". Get Started ›

The abundance of bay scallops is an indicator of water quality. See monitoring results and learn how they are monitored. Get Started ›

Learn more about the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, a commercially and ecologically important mollusk that is also a good bioindicator of water quality in estuarine habitats. Get Started ›

In Florida, water issues always seem to be a hot topic. Get the latest, and find out about upcoming opportunities to become involved in water resource conservation. Get Started ›

The federal Clean Water Act regulates stormwater discharges through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Get Started ›

Find out about upcoming environmental events, recreational outings and volunteer workdays. Opportunities abound for enjoying our waterways and improving our watersheds. Get Started ›

This online library is a diverse collection of resource materials with research reports, management plans, assessments, conservation tips, website links, videos, and more. Find what you’re looking for using keyword search and filtering options. Get Started ›

View images of Sarasota's people, places, and natural resources, past and present. Get Started ›

Watch and learn about Sarasota County's waterways, history, people and wildlife... and find new places to explore! Get Started ›

This gallery reveals the beauty of Sarasota's waterways, artistically rendered in images created by Ringling College of Art & Design photography students. Get Started ›

Enjoy these vibrant oral histories created in a collaboration between New College of Florida and Sarasota County. Biographical slide shows, created by anthropology students and narrated by their subjects, are accompanied by full interview transcripts. Get Started ›

View the Digital Library contents on a map, and find what you’re looking for with a combination of map selection, keyword search, and filtering options. Get Started ›

Today's stormwater systems effectively prevent flooding, but they are also efficient conduits of pollutants into surface water bodies. Learn how we all can reduce the quantity of stormwater and lessen the pollutant load in urban runoff. Get Started ›

Formal and informal educators and their students will find sources of interesting and useful information on these pages to help them better understand Sarasota County's watery habitats. Get Started ›

Check this list to find out who to call to report problems or to ask questions about rules, regulations, and permitting. Get Started ›